General Non-profit Summer Fundraising Checklist

The days of summer are here and time to try out new things that you may have been stacking up on your thoughts list. Discussing some of the ways which you can utilize at your downtime during the last weeks of summer and get more out of fundraising marketing efforts come the fall.

Non-profit summer Fundraising Checklist

Non-Profit Fundraising Checklist

This fundraising checklist will assist you in all the cases whether you are a new fundraiser for the group, evaluating an existing fundraising group, or when you set up a committee. The fundraising checklist can help you in answering your queries and lets you to plan ahead. The checklist must have the following:

  1. Choose appropriate Fundraiser for the group.
  2. Set the Goals for the Fundraising season.
  3. Set up a fundraising committee.
  4. Recruitment of Volunteers
  5. Fundraising Planner and guide outlines that include the budget.
  6. Social media Connect.
  7. Marketing your fundraiser.
  8. Proper Schedule Checklist.
  9. Calls and Remainder Checklist.
  10. Evaluate all the steps and keep the records.

Apart from the above list, there are also few criteria that need to be considered along with this fundraising checklist. Just read on to find more details.

Improve Presence of Communication:

E-mail is the powerful tool for communication and many nonprofit organizations found it effective as a fundraising channel. But it is essential to leverage that the channel well in order to improvise the standard. Following are the few tips to make email efforts a success:

  1. Design a mobile-friendly e-mail template for your newsletter. This increases the number of visitors.
  2. Both the design and the content of the email must be kept concise. A single call to action must be included in the e-mail.
  3. Review the reports of your email, so that you can find which of the emails have hit the visitors, and which failed to do so.
  4. Check the social media sharing metrics and look at the open rates of the mail.
  5. Consider the supporters those who spread the word about your organization and send them a personalized note for their support.
  6. Encourage the people to stay in touch with your organization. You can include Sign up forms on your website and on your social media pages.
  7. In recent days the conversation between the current and prospective donors, supporters and volunteers are done through email box.

Improve Efforts on Social Media:

Social media is the most popular and efficient marketing tool in recent trends. So driving attention towards your nonprofit organization can be done through the best connecting medium and the point is find where the supporters are hanging out online and what makes them take action. Some simple tricks can make your attempt successful.

  1. Try to put a survey where donors and the supporters can be found in the social networks. And when your concerned organization is not active on that particular social platform, try to engage in it. Do not hesitate to experiment new social media platform too.
  2. Check for the posts that get more hits by the viewers and try to replicate that post. The success of the post can be found by checking the likes, comments, shares, repins, retweets etc.
  3. Learn from your competitors. Check the strategies of your peers on social media channels extract the positivity and also learn the negative impact from the performance.

Build Donor Relationship through Fundraising Events

Build trust and relationship with the donors. Make them believe that the purpose of fundraising events is not only to raise money for a cause but also to convert the attendee into long-term passionate supporters and ambassadors of the organization. Some tips related to fundraising events success:

  1. Promote your fundraising events using online tools and end invitations. This is easily done by emails and Social media groups.
  2. Plan how to offer the best experience for the donors and attendees who are invited to the event. Plan properly and streamline the process. Eliminate the faults by using the checklists.
  3. Manage to keep your attendees of the event engaged. Sharing images, videos, quotes from your organization can be more efficient.

When you follow the above said fundraising checklist along with the shared tips to support the fundraising will make your fundraising season a grand success. And wishes for your success!!!

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