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May 15 is marching very fast and many organizations are busy in filling their form 990-N. But are you worried that you cannot make the form 990-N before the due date?  You might have forgotten the 990-N extension option in between your busy schedule. So what? We are here to remind you and make your extension happen. Next question that may arise from you is, how can I make an extension with Form 8868 online? Just read on to get the complete details about filing Form 8868 extension through online.

How to File Form 8868 Extention Electronically? 

Before filing an extension do not afraid to request as there is no harm in doing so. Check the following to clear the doubts related to filing an extension:

  • Note that requesting an extension is not a crime or nothing wrong with it.
  • When you are requesting, it does not mean that your organization is poorly managed.
  • It does not invite any audits.
  • IRS does not suspect if you file an extension.

Things to consider before filing Form 8868 Extension

  1. When your organization needs to file two forms Form 990 and Form 990-T then you must file two Forms 8868. So that you can extend both the Form 990 and Form 990-T, one extension form is not enough to extend both the forms.
  2. To file a valid extension of time to file, the filed Form 8868 must be postmarked on or before the deadline of the Form 990-N.
  3. Applying for the extension before the due date does not attract any penalties.
  4. Never forget the due date May 15th and send the extension mail on time. Because the IRS does not consider the received date, instead it checks for the Sent Time. You must be able to prove that the request is sent on time.

How to File Extension Form 8868 Online? 

Filing your Form 8868 extension with etax8868 is simple and takes only a few minutes. Just follow the steps:

  1. If you are a new user, register with us for FREE. If you are a returning user just Sign In.
  2. Add your organization’s details such as name, EIN and contact address.
  3. Specify the IRS form for which the extension is needed.
  4. Enter the tax year period of your organization.
  5. Mention the extension type and information about the signing authority.
  6. Review the filled information for corrections.
  7. Submit the Form to IRS for review.

The above information can help you when filing your Form 8868 extension. For further queries and assistance, you can call us on703-229-0326 or mail us at


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