What Etax990n Can do For You

The point of filing taxes online is to make the tax return process as quick, easy, secure and worry-free as possible. ETax990n provides services that reflect all of these, and will help you file your 990n E Postcard efficiently. There is no paper, no software, and no hassle. Register now to get started.

Primary Services

Since IRS Form 990n is a form that is likely to be filed over and over, ETax990n allows users to create an account to speed the process along in successive years. The form 990n postcard, which acquired its name due to how small and quick it is in comparison to other tax forms, will take mere minutes after signing in to complete. We will prompt you for everything that you need to complete your form, which consists of eight simple items: the tax year that is being filed for, the non-profit organization’s employer ID number, legal name and mailing address, alternate aliases for the NPO, a web address if applicable, indication if the organization is terminated or in the process of termination, name and address of the principal officer, and confirmation of your NPO’s gross receipts for the tax year to determine if it is eligible for tax exemption. Then the E-postcard will be sent to the IRS. Register for an account today to see just how easy this process is.

Peace of Mind

ETax990n also offers overall peace of mind. Besides providing an excellent e-filing solution, users can rely on our 24/7 customer support if anything goes wrong or is confusing. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. We also provide e-mail updates on the status of your tax return and will allow you to re-file for free if it does not go through. Compared to others, our cost for filing is also extremely low, and we will not force you to download software to fill out your 990n form. If you plan to file multiples of this form, whether for the same NPO over more than one year or if you are filing for multiple organizations, special financing options are available. Users can contact us via phone for this deal. The process of filing a tax return becomes infinitely easier knowing that someone is available to ask questions. If your non-profit organization needs to file IRS form 990n, don’t hesitate to login and get started on your worry-free submission.

Keep in Touch

There are four ways to contact us for questions, assistance, or feedback. The first and easiest is to click the Live Support button in the top right corner of our website if an agent is online. Second, you can e-mail us at support@tax2efile.com , though this is not ideal for immediate questions. Thirdly, users can call us at 703-229-0326. Finally, if you wish to write us a letter, mail can be sent to 950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 280 Herndon, VA 20170

Everything about filing taxes with ETax990-n is simple. Register and login today to get your non-profit organization’s taxes out of the way quickly and securely.