Etax990N E-Filing Services for Tax Professionals

Etax990n provides full support to the tax professionals even if you file for a single or multiple clients. With our system the tax professionals can manage all their clients under a single account, thus making your filing work simple and quick. Apart from the assistance throughout the filing process, we do offer special discounts for the tax professionals. Etax990n focuses on reducing much of your time and money by offering the best customer service in the industry.

Special Features for Tax Professionals

Etax990n treats their associated tax professionals in a better way. Check out the benefits that you get, when you join us as a tax professional.

Slashed Pricing

We provide special discounted rates for the tax professionals who are associated with Our prepaid pricing helps you to save more amounts when compared to other tax e-file providers.

Multi-access Login Account:

Every tax professionals get an exclusive login where they can add the unlimited number of EINs and businesses. Hence, you can access all of your client’s details and file returns in a single place. Reduces your workload and helps to keep your records organized.

Premium Service:

Even you get assistance from our customer support team throughout the tax filing process, we also provide you an account manager who understands your business better. You can contact the dedicated account manager directly through email or phone instead of waiting in the queue. And also the manager is responsible for managing your duties with high accuracy and efficiency.

Prepaid Option:

The tax professionals can pre-pay for a set amount of filings. And more importantly, these pre-paid filings do not expire. For further information contact our customer support team to discuss in detail.